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Al Asri Furniture & Kitchen Factory is the right choice for you. With our experienced and professional team, we have worked on many projects of various sizes. Our technology and design is up to date and sought after with high-quality materials from Germany and Italy. Whether it be a single home, residential area, apartment tower or business we have the latest technology that will complete your building project. Our product materials incorporate many different choices in color, texture, size, design, and price. There are infinite choices for you to choose from and are not limited to your imagination.

Cabinets for Kitchen, Wardrobes and Bathrooms

Our Kitchen, Bathroom and Wardrobe Cabinets and Drawers are made from sturdy and tough wearing materials. These materials include: Skin plat, Stainless steel and Aluminum cabinets. These materials are hard wearing, high quality and provide a perfect finish to your living space.  The cabinet doors are made from the following material specifications.

  • Aluminum and HpL 5.5mm decorative sheets.
  • MDF post form 19mm doors. (variety of colors)
  • MDF Thermo Foil 18 doors (variety of colors)
  • High gloss UV MDDF (variety of colors)
  • Solid wood 19 mm doors (Cherry, Maple, Oak, Alder etc.)

We construct doors to make a statement and our materials give the finished product a sturdy and sleek finish. Each door comes complete with a matching frame. Our fixtures for the doors compliment your chosen design and give you many choices for your unique living space. The entrance and interior doors are made from the following material specifications to give you numerous choices.

  • MDF post from 19 mm doors. (variety of colors)
  • MDF Thermo Foil 18 mm doors. (variety of colors)
  • Solid Wood Doors
  • Aluminum HPL Door


Al Asri Furniture & Kitchen Factory use materials that withstand moisture, heat, weather and general wear and tear to have benchtops that look great and last a lifetime. 

Granite/Marble: Our high quality granite and marble benches are cut and crafted in our companies stone mason department. There are many colours and designs to choose from and the granite and marble are sourced from many countries.

Samsung Staron: Produced in Korea and composed from 100 percent acrylic resin and aluminum trihydroxide, this material is so outstanding that it is often used in commercial surfaces such as restaurant kitchens, transaction areas and medical facilities. Staron incorporates the latest technology and is used worldwide and is EU approved for commercial and residential use. These benches feature durable, stain and impact resistant, nonporous and bacterial resistant, easy to clean and maintain, smooth and consistent appearance that is long lasting. With 70 colours to choose from Staron is a product that will stand out in any living space.

Whether it is a kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, or wardrobe our goal is to give you products for the smooth running of your living space.  Our fixtures and accessories not only compliment your living space but add practical and useful features to make your home or office a haven. Al Asri Furniture & Kitchen Factory use high quality products such as pull out systems and Miami Kitchen Accessories. We use companies that are the largest exclusive importers and distributers for high quality kitchen accessories, fittings and wardrobe accessories. Using innovative technology to deliver products across the Middle East that exceed our customers’ expectations. Here are some benefits in using these fixtures:

  • The outside guide groove gives soft close smooth sliding systems
  • The soft close system insures the baskets coming out silently and steady
  • Using new connected structure and mute design keeps the product silent when opening and closing
  • Anti-sag technology ensures all pulled out a drawers have low sag
  • Has good stability and simple operation and comfort to meet the highest requirements of furniture structure
  • Space saving and has many vertical and horizontal options
  • Fast installations with 3D adjustments for reliability and convenience

Simple elements can add to the appearance of your home or office. Al Asri Furniture & Kitchen Factory uses accessories made from stainless steel, high quality chrome and brass to name a few. We have a vast array of handles, knobs and legs to choose from in many shapes, sizes and designs. You can have your dream kitchen, wardrobe, door and cabinets made your way.




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